Increase productivity and safety using our industry leading Vacuum Lift,
vaclift generating significant cost savings


Vacuum Lift for hire – improve safety and productivity when moving pipe

Pipeline Plant Hire has significantly improved pipe handling with industry leading Vacuum Lifte design. Our Vaclift is integrated with the excavator providing improved lifting capacity, for example a 45t excavator can be reduced to a 30t.

The excavator operator controls and monitors the VacLift from the cab. The operator can alone move the pipe, therefore no workers on the ground are needed, removing all chances of injury. With our unique design the operator is able to have 360 degree control of the pipe at all times which further improves safety.

vacuum lifter

Efficiency leading to significant cost savings

Uniquely the VacLift bring to the pipeline industry significant productivity benefits achieving three times the output than traditional physical pipe lifting methods.

A Vacuum Lifter moves a section of pipe in less than one minute, compared to traditional sling methods which can take up to four minutes. Translating this considerable time savings, the significant cost savings become apparent. Read more details in our VacLift brochure


Vacuum Lifter models

From poly pipe weighing a couple of hundred kilograms to steel pipe weighing 20 tons, we can supply a suitably configured machine.

We have an extensive range of units from handling 100 mm poly pipe to large heavy wall steel pressure pipe. A full range of pipe shoes and lifting beams allow Pipeline Plant Hire to provide you with the best pipe handling equipment in the industry.

Keep going with full back up service
Our construction machinery equipment is serviced and inspected regularly, on schedule out on site or at our service maintenance depot.

Vacuum Lift Gallery

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